We have a powerful team of EXPERTS in the education sector, all of whom are truly passionate about education AND supporting our clients to ensure their long-term success.

James LeggettJames Leggett Avatar

James Leggett BA (Hons) MMRS

Managing Director

James is the brains behind the operation. He joined the research team in 2008 and has developed our unique MarketLED Educator products. James is a member of the Market Research Society and applies the latest innovations and developments to the education research sector.

He was educated at Norwich School, where he was Chorister for 5 years. Musical to the core he’s an excellent pianist, drummer and guitarist too. He also has a passion for motorsport and is an active member of the MG Car Club.

Meeting inspirational educators and leaders, who are united in their passion to achieve the best outcome for all.

Crissey HewittCrissey Hewitt Avatar

Crissey Hewitt (MBA)

Philanthropy, Development & Alumni Relations

Starting out as a Science Teacher in the US, Crissey transitioned to philanthropy at Wake Forest University where she specialised in constituent research, fundraising strategy and process improvement.

Crissey talks quite a lot but is highly intelligent and just received a distinction for her MBA!

Crissey loves helping schools and universities optimise their alumni relations for mutual benefit.

Danny MTMDanny MTM

Danny Neilson BSc (Hons), MSc

Data Analyst

Danny will lead your research within the team – you may hear from him with various questions throughout! Prior to joining MTM, Danny studied at the University of Hull and went on to work as a Marine Biologist, spending his formative years both at the microscope and out in the field on surveys. This experience has helped him develop an unrivalled attention to detail accompanied by a firm grounding in statistical analysis.

Outside of work Danny loves spending quality time with his young family; he is a qualified PADI Divemaster, a volunteer run leader at his local running club, and an avid volleyball player.

Danny sees each day is a new challenge and particularly enjoys applying his analytic skills learnt in Marine Biology to an entirely new field. After all, data is still data regardless of the application!

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