MTM provides independent, affordable, technical and strategic support to those responsible for the financial health of schools, colleges and universities through our affiliation with The Melford Partnership’s financial consultants. Having a good business strategy is key to long term success.

With more than 65 years’ combined experience of leadership in the education finance sector, the Partnership’s key strength is the ability to identify, at an early stage, potential threats to organisations’ financial robustness, and work with clients to develop long-term strategic plans. Confidentiality and trust are central to the approach, as is close collaboration with governing and financial teams.

For more information on business strategy, please email Daniel Cohen, MTM’s Head of Business Development, or call Dan on 07976 029430

  • Identification and modelling of alternative strategic options.
  • Preparation of business plans with a view to raising external investment
  • Identifying working capital facility needs and support arranging
  • Identification of long-term funding needs and support arranging
  • Stakeholder management through a period of change
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  • Assessment of the robustness of the existing financial reporting systems
  • Cash flow modelling: in particular to identify cyclical versus structural deficits
  • Profitability analysis by department including identification of fixed & variable costs
  • KPI reporting
  • Financial projections modelling
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MTM provides bespoke business support – please get in touch to discuss your needs.

Email Daniel Cohen or call us on 01502 722787

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