Environmental practice statement

In support of the principle of sustainable development, as well as our own company values, we aim to achieve environmental best practice throughout our operations wherever possible.

Reducing environmental impact

We have established, and will maintain, effective systems to understand and monitor our impact on the local and global environment. Our key environmental impacts have been identified as waste, travel and energy usage, and they have therefore been selected as our key focus areas.

We set targets for continual improvement with emphasis on these areas. All of our people are trained on our environmental requirements upon joining MTM/DDI, and we refresh this training annually.

We are committed to preventing pollution, not just directly but also by taking into account the environmental impact of resources. We strive to reduce the amount of resources consumed by applying the waste hierarchy as appropriate.

We discourage travel where possible. Where this cannot be avoided we promote and encourage sustainable travel by monitoring and reviewing travel methods and promoting alternatives to single occupancy car travel by employees and visitors.

Legal Compliance

We view environmental legislation and regulations as minimum standards to work to, and often aim to go above and beyond by implementing forthcoming legislation and other requirements in advance of obligation. We always strive to follow best-practice guidance, rather than just sticking to the minimum required by law.