In the interests of sharing MTM’s expertise as widely as possible across the education sector, we are pleased to partner with like-minded organisations. From professional bodies to media and technology, MTM joins forces with partners who we know share our commitment to supporting the business of education.
ITQ Metis: Advantage

Advantage is the complete system for school admissions data management + sharp analysis. It gives you the big picture – allowing you to easily log admissions information day-to-day and then analyse it for an instant overview of the admissions pipeline and the opportunity to convert more enquiries to acceptance, and boost your school’s recruitment.

Advantage is devised by MTM Consulting in conjunction with independent school data management professionals ITQ Metis (previously known as RSAdmissions) – the result is a unique system, which works seamlessly to manage and analyse independent schools’ admissions data in a way that has never been done before.

Metis’ powerful management information system is an easy way to successfully record and manage day-to-day admissions information. This data is then securely pulled through via an API to MTM Admissions Dashboard, a versatile online analysis tool that demonstrates the current admissions situation, conversion rates and any other comparisons required using attractive infographics, which can then be exported for reports and presentations. This analysis allows admissions professionals to maximise opportunities to progress the admissions pipeline, convert more enquiries to acceptances, and increase pupil recruitment.


MTM is delighted to be a corporate member of Admissions, Marketing and Communications in Independent Schools, the network for independent school marketing and admissions professionals.

As well as exhibiting at MTM events and conferences, MTM provides information on our market research and marketing strategy expertise to members through the AMCIS website and communications.

Independent School Management Plus

Understanding the challenges and opportunities for the UK independent education sector is going to be crucial moving forward, so we at MTM are very pleased to have been named as the Independent Schools Research Partner for the respected education business publication Independent School Management Plus.

Online and in print, the magazine is essential reading for independent school leaders, marketers and registrars, and is a great place to share best practice and tips for success.

Through the pages of ISMP, MTM will be drawing on our deep knowledge of the independent schools’ sector – built over three decades in the business of education – to provide regular insights and information to help school decision-makers to capitalise on the opportunities of the future and prepare to take on the challenges.

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