For more than 35 years, MTM Consulting has supported schools (state and independent), universities and other education providers to remain in business and to develop and thrive, whatever the economic climate.

We are all about providing solid data, insightful analysis and clear recommendations to enable organisations to plan for future stability and success and to uphold their responsibilities to parents who entrust them with their children’s education.

In fact, we’ve worked with more than 500 schools and researched more than 250,000 parents.

Our feasibility studies, supply and demand analyses and stakeholder research projects are all designed to help school business leaders to understand the potential of their organisation’s market, where they stand against their competitors, what the market wants and what it does not want.

MTM equips education decision-makers with the information and insight they need to make the right choices for the future of their organisations.

Education business expertise

MTM’s team are all education business specialists with many years of experience. We understand the challenges and opportunities of the education sector and we want to use our expertise to help schools and other education providers to find the right course and achieve success.

  • We are friendly and approachable
  • We want to help
  • We enjoy designing bespoke market research, marketing and business strategies to meet individual clients’ specific needs
  • We encourage questions
  • We communicate throughout
  • We present or report on our findings and recommendations in a way that best suits each client
  • We love to provide all the detail our clients need
  • We follow up to see if we can help further
  • We keep in touch

Meet MTM’s expert team…

Evidence-based decision-making

MTM Consulting’s support of its education clients is based on facts, expertise and experience.

Our market research projects focus on providing the data and information required to make crucial decisions on resourcing and activities to:

  • improve recruitment and increase the school roll
  • minimise student attrition and improve retention
  • and raise the organisation’s profile in its target market and the education sector in order to attract families, teaching and non-teaching staff, leaders and governors who will bring their skills and work as a team to ensure the organisation’s future success

MTM uses UK-wide demographic information and a combination of qualitative and quantitative research methods to acquire exactly the data required to inform clients of the realities of their organisation’s situation.

Of course, we don’t expect our education clients to be experts in market research themselves – through a series of friendly, collaborative discussions our team members are able to work with clients to ascertain the information that would be of greatest benefit to them in their decision-making.

We ensure that the pricing of our products is transparent, and realistic in relation to education organisations’ budgets. In fact, we have recently revisited our offer in order to break down projects into distinct elements to improve affordability, particularly with smaller organisations in mind. We also offer subscription packages and the opportunity to spread payments over time.

MTM’s suite of market research projects is infinitely customisable to suit the needs of individual clients and can be combined to create a totally bespoke market research project designed to meet clients’ needs exactly.

Real-world insight, analysis and recommendations for success

MTM is a long-established education market research company, which has a true understanding – built over three decades – of education, coupled with unparalleled skills and experience to support education business leaders to make the decisions that will lead their organisations to be steadfast and successful in the long-term, for the benefit of their stakeholders, staff and students.

Our researchers have at their fingertips many years’ worth of sector- and country-wide data and are adept at using this to benchmark our clients’ performance. This helps business leaders to develop a real understanding of their organisation’s position and to see ‘the bigger picture’ and the potential in their market.

Sometimes it is not just about what the data shows, but what it doesn’t show – our experts are able to draw attention to the gaps in an education organisation’s performance that can be crucial when making decisions on areas of future development.

MTM works with a team of business professionals, all with proven track records in their fields, who work with our clients to maximise the opportunities revealed by market research and analysis. Business, marketing and international expertise is on offer to ensure that the client is able to develop a practical action plan – and a set of key performance indicators that will allow it to be assessed and scrutinised – as the organisation heads towards achieving its objectives.

Our business professionals are collaborative team-workers, but they also have the strength and experience to draw our clients’ attention to areas of weakness and aims that are unachievable.

We know that facing up to realities makes for a healthier business in the long term and ensures that funds and resources are focused on attainable goals.

Supporting education

It is our great pleasure to see our education clients succeed. There can be no better business to be in than education, and MTM is a staunch supporter of parents’ right to choose the environment in which their children are taught – state or independent, small or large…

We work with education providers of all kinds and we are firm believers in the importance of a breadth of offering to suit all families.

Early Years: MTM’s Feasibility Studies provide vital market information to schools and groups considering opening a new nursery or re-shaping their existing provision.

Independent schools: MTM’s market research, business and marketing strategy projects are designed to help schools to be successful and sustainable in the long-term so that they are able to offer their pupils the education they deserve for the duration of their school careers

State schools: MTM offers great insights into pupil and parent satisfaction and staff wellbeing to help schools to engage with the school community and ensure that educational resources are being maximised.

School groups: MTM is able to advise groups (independent and state academies) on the potential success of new acquisitions and to help streamline the business of education for efficiency and to ensure maximum resources are available for education.

Higher education: universities and higher education providers turn to MTM to help them to understand the opinions of their students on the quality of education they are receiving and the potential effect on their next steps in education and employment.

Long-standing relationships with education clients

We maintain very strong relationships with our clients, many of whom we have worked with on a regular basis for decades.

To see real examples of MTM projects, please read a selection of our case studies.

Over the past three decades, MTM has worked with big and small names in independent and state education, early years providers, higher education providers and education suppliers and investors.

Rather than engaging MTM as a supplier, we like to think we are part of the team, offering information, skills and experience to support education organisations to maximise their business potential and provide a secure learning experience for their students well into the future.

Communication with our clients is on-going and we constantly ask which aspects of our service they have most appreciated, and which could be developed.

We act on our clients’ feedback and hone our products and services to make sure that they offer our clients exactly what they need.

About our partners

In the interests of sharing MTM’s expertise as widely as possible across the education sector, we are pleased to partner with like-minded organisations.

From professional bodies to media and technology, MTM joins forces with partners who we know share our commitment to supporting the business of education.

Meet MTM’s partners…

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