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We provide UNIQUE market insights, enabling you to realise your vision for the future.

How MTM can help

Our feasibility studies, supply and demand analyses and stakeholder research are all designed to help you understand the potential of your market, where you stand against your competitors and what the market wants from your independent school.

We’ll tell you where to find the RIGHT learners, HOW to reach them and WHAT’S important to them.

Why? Because that will ensure the BEST educational outcome for all.

And that’s important to us.

How MTM Can Help Independent Schools

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We’ve developed MarketLED School, a unique platform designed specifically for independent schools to identify local families who share your values and would use a school like yours. Giving you the market insights you need to RECRUIT the right families for your school.

Our complete Demand & Supply analysis will inform your future development and strategic plans. Why? Because that will ensure the BEST educational outcome for all. And that’s important to us.

Become a MarketLED School and we’ll achieve our potential together.

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Along with our research reports such as ‘The Missing Million’ and ‘School Fees and How Parents Pay Them’, we also licence CACI’s Acorn; a powerful consumer classification tool that segments the UK population. Built from over 800 variables on every household, we have aggregated this into super-groups for independent schools. Some variables include:

  Super Streets High Roads Aspirational Areas Low Roads
Overview Super wealthy households living in urban areas Wealthy households with older families, typically rural Less affluent households making sacrifices to afford fees Low income households with support (e.g. grandparents or bursaries)
% of UK 4.2% 12.9% 37.8% 45%
% of UK using independent schools 80% 25% 5% 1%
Requirements from an independent education All round environment e.g. extra-curricular activities and trips All round environment and high academic attainment High academic attainment High academic attainment
House value £1m + £1m + £150k – £750k Up to £100k
Cars Luxury / Executive car Luxury or Executive / 4×4 or MPV Small family / Mini / Supermini 0 Cars
Household Income £100k + £80 – 100k + £40-100k £0-40k (income support)
Supermarkets Waitrose and M&S Waitrose and M&S Waitrose and M&S Asda, Morrisons
Newspapers The Times, Daily Telegraph The Guardian, Daily Telegraph, The Times, The Independent The Guardian, The Times, Daily Telegraph Daily Record, Daily Star
Books History / Biography History / Biography Science Fiction / Fantasy / Mystery Romance / Best Sellers
Interests & Hobbies Antiques & Fine Art, Golf, Organic Foods Antiques & Fine Art, Golf, Cinema, Organic Foods Environment / Wildlife Gambling / TV

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At MTM, we are passionate about what we do, and we pride ourselves on providing an excellent level of service to our clients. But don’t take our word for it, see what our clients have to say:

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