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Millennials spend over £3,300 on takeaways, eating out, coffees, socialising and clothes

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Following a recent survey Barclays have found millennials spend over £3,300 on takeaways, eating out, daily coffees, socialising and buying new clothes. And two thirds admit they don’t save enough, [...]

Kimbolton School Case Study

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Alison Ainsworth, PR and Communications Manager at Kimbolton School, contacted MTM having recognised the ongoing growth of the Oxford-Cambridge corridor. The successful day and boarding school, who educate 980 pupils [...]

If testimonials are King, video testimonials are King, Queen and Country!

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‘Customers’ or prospective parents as we prefer to refer to them are sceptical – they know all too well that your job is to market and sell your school to [...]

Benchmarking your Marketing & Admissions results

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Ever wondered how your Marketing and Admissions results compare to those in the independent schools sector? Well wonder no more – through our experience researching over 180,000 independent school parents [...]