The Significance of Parent Satisfaction Surveys

The Significance of Parent Satisfaction Surveys featured image
25 September 2023

In the fiercely competitive and increasingly challenging landscape of independent education today, parental satisfaction has emerged as a crucial determinant of success. We believe the key to understanding the needs, expectations, and pain points of your families often lies in the regular implementation of parental satisfaction surveys. And while free or cheap software solutions may seem tempting, schools are now realising the benefits of partnering with a specialist company to conduct these surveys. In this article, our Marketing Manager, Emily Hargest, explores the importance of parental satisfaction surveys and why specialist companies are better equipped to deliver these valuable insights.

The Value of Parent Satisfaction Surveys

Customer satisfaction surveys have long been acknowledged as indispensable tools that allow businesses to gauge the level of contentment their customers have with their products, services, or overall brand experience. They are just as relevant in the school sector as they are in the commercial world as these surveys help schools, and other educational organisations such as early year providers, multi-academy trusts and higher education providers, identify areas for improvement and benchmark themselves against competitors.
By analysing the feedback received correctly (and that is the really important part!) schools can make data-driven decisions to enhance the experience of their pupils and their families, strengthen these relationships, and boost loyalty. This translates to an improved offering, higher retention rates and more positive PR.

In-depth Expertise and Experience

One of the primary advantages of partnering with specialist companies for parent satisfaction surveys is their depth of expertise and experience in the field. These companies have dedicated professionals who are well-versed in designing surveys, analysing data, and interpreting results effectively. They possess a comprehensive understanding of survey methodologies, ensuring that the questions are well-structured and targeted to extract meaningful insights.

For example, Kate Siddall, one of our qualitative researchers, brings over 20 years of qualitative research experience to the table, with a wealth of knowledge in the education sector. She’s conducted research for some big names, including the Wellcome Trust, Department for Education, AQR, The Student Room, and NUS.

On the other hand, free or cheap software solutions lack the sector expertise required for crafting surveys that truly capture the nuances of parent sentiment. The absence of industry-specific knowledge often results in generic, ineffective questionnaires, leading to inconclusive or misleading data.

Customisation and Personalisation

Specialist companies offer a high level of customisation and personalisation, tailoring the surveys to meet the unique needs and goals of each school. MTM Consulting designs surveys that resonate with a school’s specific family base and this customisation enables us to extract relevant feedback and gain insights that directly impact our client schools’ strategic decisions.

Free or cheap software surveys generally come with pre-built templates, limiting the scope for customisation. As a result, the survey may fail to gather the detailed feedback required to fully understand parents’ preferences.

Rigorous Data Analysis

The analysis of survey data is a complex process that requires expertise to derive accurate and actionable insights. Software solutions can only offer basic data analysis capabilities, without the tools and knowledge to conduct rigorous data analysis, identifying patterns, trends, and correlations within the responses. Unlike even many other specialist companies, MTM Consulting delivers much more than just the bare data. We offer detailed reports with clear visualisations, making it easier for schools to fully understand the findings and act upon them effectively.

Unbiased Feedback

Objective feedback is paramount for any satisfaction survey. Specialist companies provide an impartial and independent perspective on the collected data, as they are not directly tied to the company conducting the survey. This impartiality ensures that the survey results are free from any bias or manipulation.


Parent satisfaction surveys are invaluable tools that can empower all education providers to gain critical insights into the preferences of their families, their expectations, and satisfaction levels. While free or cheap software solutions may seem like attractive alternatives, the benefits of partnering with a specialist company such as MTM Consulting cannot be overstated.

From our in-depth expertise and experience to the capacity for customisation and rigorous data analysis, MTM Consulting delivers unparalleled value that can significantly impact your school. By prioritising quality and precision, you can truly harness the power of satisfaction surveys to drive your school’s success in today’s competitive market.

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