MTM’s effective and friendly surveys find out what your parents, staff and the wider population really think about your organisation.

Our surveys are carried out by friendly, experienced researchers who gently question the respondents and give them the opportunity to share their views. By using third-party researchers, you are more likely to find out the unvarnished truth about views and attitudes towards your organisation and what it provides, which can really you help to:

  • improve recruitment and increase the school roll
  • minimise student attrition and improve retention

MTM offers a suite of surveys (listed below), each comprising questions devised through collaboration between MTM and our client. All surveys are customisable, and if there is a particular survey you would like carried out but which doesn’t appear on this page, we will be happy to create a bespoke project for you.

We ensure that the pricing of our products is transparent, and realistic in relation to education organisations’ budgets. In fact, we have recently revisited our offer in order to break down projects into distinct elements to improve affordability, particularly with smaller organisations in mind. We also offer subscription packages and the opportunity to spread payments over time.

For more information on any of our survey projects, please email Daniel Cohen, MTM’s Head of Business Development, or call Dan on 07976 029430


Why did some families not join? Why did they go elsewhere? 

You provide the list of parents’ contacts and we do the rest, resulting in a report that uncovers the reasons students who visited were not eventually enrolled.

During a 10- to 15-minute informal conversation with parents who showed an interest in your organisation but ultimately did not choose it, our researchers find out which school they did choose, why they considered your organisation, what they were looking for, and any push/pull factors that were instrumental in the decision-making process.

  • Telephone interviews with families who did not choose your organisation – essential in order to improve conversion rates from offer to acceptance of a place
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early leavers parachute

What were the factors that caused families to leave before a natural transition point? What could your organisation have done to keep them?

During a 10- to 15-minute informal conversation with parents whose children left your school before a natural exit point, our researchers find out which school they ultimately chose, why they decided yours was no longer the right school for their children, what they were looking for in school, and any push/pull factors that ultimately led them to choose the alternative.

  • Telephone interviews with families whose children left before the usual exit point – essential in order to improve retention rates
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What MTM’s client schools say…

‘Working with MTM was a very positive experience – the team were professional, objective and constructive and I would certainly recommend MTM to other school leaders with significant decisions to make.’

Toby Seth, Headmaster, Pocklington School

Read about Pocklington School’s MTM Parental Survey project here

MTM parent satisfaction survey

How satisfied are parents? What is your organisation doing well, and not so well? How can you improve?

Through an online survey or more targeted telephone interview, our researchers understand which aspects of your organisation’s current parents (all, or segments, such as certain year groups) are pleased with, and which aspects they would like to see improved.

  • Survey of current parents
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apple for teacher

How high is staff morale?

Our researchers undertake an online survey of all staff to gauge their morale and their opinions on the support available to them, enabling leaders to ensure staff engagement and to understand any concerns before they become significant.

  • Staff survey
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What are your prospective customers’ first impressions? How does your admissions process compare to your competitors’?

One of our experienced mystery shoppers will visit ‘under-cover’ to give an impartial report and insights.

  • Customer experience research
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What do families in your market know about your organisation? What do they think of it?

Our researchers reach out to a panel of suitable families to gauge their awareness and knowledge of your market, in particular your organisation and others considered to be key competitors, to understand the defining factors and inform your future marketing messages.

  • Awareness research
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MTM healthcheck

Identify trends and stay on top of KPIs by repeating research projects at regular intervals.

Totally bespoke, MTM healthcheck can comprise one or more research projects, and results in valuable trend and performance comparison over time. Discuss your requirements with us.

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Don’t see the survey you’re looking for? MTM will be happy to provide a bespoke project just for you.

Email Daniel Cohen or call us on 01502 722787

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