We invite you to our inflatable office. Take a seat in
purple Graham Norton style chair.

We are proudly sponsoring the Pre-Dinner drinks at the forthcoming AMDIS conference, in association with EYE FILM. And we’d like your help in getting the evening off to an entertaining start!

On Sunday night and Monday morning, we’ll be recording your marketing confessions. Or, you can record your own and send them to us in advance. We want to know your best funnies, horror stories and faux pas’ – after which we’ll be busy editing, ready to entertain you before dinner.

Every school taking part will receive a FREE Mini Market and Catchment Intelligence Analysis and a bottle of prosecco for their table and the winner will receive a full Market and Catchment Intelligence analysis, worth £5,295, plus a bottle of champagne! GET INVOLVED and email james@mtmconsulting.co.uk