At MTM, we are proud of the level of data we hold and strive to keep it as up to date as possible. We have now added to our portfolio a database of all residential and education construction projects throughout the UK. This will allow us to tell you what is planned to be built where and when, from consulting stage through to completion, allowing you to build relationships with developers and estate agents in areas where families are likely to be aspirational and looking at the education options in the area. Built into our new interactive platform, our MACI research is now more versatile and accessible than ever.

MTM are unique in keeping all of our data in house. This means we can access anything at any level of granularity down to postcodes at anytime. We invest annually in data from Experian, whilst monitoring government databases to ensure all our records are as up to date as possible. We have been to extraordinary lengths to obtain data, including ringing Catholic Diocesan offices to buy baptism data by church to all allow us to identify where there are pockets of Catholics with a high propensity to use our clients school.

Our new construction data set goes one step further. Brandon Lewis famously announced he wanted to see one million new houses built by the end of the current parliament – that’s 200,000 homes a year since 2015. It seems vast swathes of the countryside are being turned into building sites. Whilst not all developments will contain typical independent school families, our data details the number of houses by size, the type of developments, the value of the build, who the developer is and the projected start and end dates. This allows you to keep abreast of the developments in your area, even as far as including an artist’s impression of the completed site.