MTM’s data research projects provide you with the data your organisation needs to drive future planning.

Our market research products are designed to focus on providing the data required to make crucial decisions on resourcing and activities to:

  • improve recruitment and increase the school roll
  • minimise student attrition and improve retention
  • and raise the organisation’s profile in its target market and the education sector in order to attract families, teaching and non-teaching staff, leaders and governors who will bring their skills and work as a team to ensure the organisation’s future success

MTM uses UK-wide demographic information and a combination of qualitative and quantitative research methods to acquire exactly the data required to inform clients of the realities of their organisation’s situation.

Of course, we don’t expect our education clients to be experts in market research themselves – through a series of friendly, collaborative discussions our team members are able to work with clients to ascertain the information that would be of greatest benefit to them in their decision-making.

Our suite of market research products is infinitely customisable to suit the needs of individual clients and can be combined to create a totally bespoke market research project designed to meet clients’ needs exactly.

We ensure that the pricing of our products is transparent, and realistic in relation to education organisations’ budgets. In fact, we have recently revisited our offer in order to break down projects into distinct elements to improve affordability, particularly with smaller organisations in mind. We also offer subscription packages and the opportunity to spread payments over time.

For more information on any of our data research projects, please email Daniel Cohen, MTM’s Head of Business Development, or call Dan on 07976 029430

Understanding your market and the people who live there is crucial to knowing how best to communicate with them. Here’s MTM’s MD James Leggett to explain MTM’s Supergroups system of audience segmentation – we analyse the families who live in your school’s catchment area and provide you with a profile based on their assumed financial situation, but also the newspapers and magazines they read and the types of houses they live in. Fascinating stuff!


The view from the mountain top – all the information you need to fully understand your organisation’s position in the market and to identify the best opportunities.

MTM 3-60 is a complete demand and supply analysis, showing where your organisation sits in relation to its competitors and how strong that competition is, as well as under-accessed locations for recruitment, insights into how the market could change in future, and what your organisation can do to capitalise on future changes.

  • Market position, full catchment analysis, roll trends analysis, population projections
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What MTM’s client schools say…

‘Thanks to MTM’s analysis, we were able to create and deliver a highly effective marketing strategy, which exceeded even our best expectations. The market research was crucial in ensuring that we knew which areas to target, with what messages, and the best channels to use to engage prospective parents. The MTM team were great – knowledgeable, professional and approachable – and I have been grateful for their ongoing support and advice.’

Helen Clapham, Director of External Relations, The Grammar School at Leeds

Read about The Grammar School at Leeds’ MTM 3-60 project here

Hills & Valleys

Are your marketing efforts focused on the right locations and the right families?
Our catchment analysis shows you where your prospective new students live and where they don’t, so you can target your marketing more effectively and make the best use of your budget.

The is essential information for profile-raising and bus route planning.

  • Catchment analysis
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How will your local population and target demographic look in ten years’ time?
MTM’s access to UK-wide demographic data enables us to show you, so you can prepare your organisation for the changes to come and make the most of the opportunities.

Absolutely necessary for future-proofing, action planning and budgeting.

  • Population projections
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What MTM’s client schools say…

‘The insights provided by MTM have been invaluable to the continued success of Banstead. Whilst the raw data is extremely detailed, it has been presented in a way that is concise and easy to understand, enabling us to create an admissions and marketing plan that is strategic and targeted, helping us build our brand and our school.’

Adrienne Forster, Head of Marketing and Admissions, Banstead Preparatory School

Read about Banstead Prep’s research project here


An examination of your organisation’s roll and its fluctuations over time, and comparison with those of its main competitors.
This research lets you know if your organisation is occupying your desired position in the market, and identifies recruitment trends.
It’s invaluable for staying a step ahead of the competition and keeping your niche.

  • Roll trends analysis, market positioning
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How far are your students prepared to travel to you? We map the locations of your current and prospective families to let you know how much time students spend travelling to and fro.
Required reading for profile-raising and bus route planning.

  • Travel time analysis
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Bursary analysis

This research profiles current families receiving bursaries. Information is then compared with families paying fees to inform future bursary decision-making.

  • Bursary recipient comparison
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What MTM’s client schools say…

‘The work by James and the team at MTM will inform our marketing campaigns in the years to come. I thoroughly recommend MTM’s services – it is vital to be informed about the demographic trends in our area. In a fast-growing school it is invaluable to know when and where the demand will come to ensure we are ready, with space, to service it.’

Sarah Lillicrap, Director of Communications, Truro High School for Girls

Read about Truro High’s MTM market research project here

Insights into where to find families whose children may require a bursary offer to join.
Useful when seeking to advertise and allocate bursary funds to the right students.

  • Bursary recruitment
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academic attainment

Reporting on how students attending competitor institutions have fared in public examinations.
Results are then compared to those of your own students – prep or primary, senior or sixth form.

  • Academic results comparison
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Maximise the potential of existing buses and plan new routes. How efficiently is school transport being used? And is it being used effectively in marketing?

  • Bus use analysis
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The key to potential future admissions. Intelligence on where new homes are to be built in your area and whether or not the new residents are likely to fall into your organisation’s target market.

  • Residential construction and planning insight
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family homes

Essential information when planning future profile-raising and transport routes.
Clear visualisation of current families’ home locations.

  • Current pupil home locations heat maps
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How many families are relocating to your catchment area, and where they have come from?
Allows for targeted marketing and school development planning.

  • House move trends
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Insights into birth rate trends in your target market, by gender if required.
Invaluable for forward planning and budgeting for facilities development and marketing.

  • Analysis of birth rates trends
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MTM healthcheck

Identify trends and stay on top of KPIs by repeating research projects at regular intervals.
Totally bespoke, MTM healthcheck can comprise one or more research projects, and results in valuable trend and performance comparison over time. Discuss your requirements with us.

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Don’t see the data research project you’re looking for? MTM will be happy to provide a bespoke project just for you.

Email Daniel Cohen or call us on 01502 722787

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