Project Description

Sophy Aitken, Head of Marketing at Felsted School, contacted MTM looking for support in understanding her market. She was looking to launch some new marketing campaigns but wanted to understand her market better and focus her investment accordingly.

What they wanted to know

Sophy and her team wanted to understand:

  • Where current families were travelling from

  • How that compares with previous years

  • Where they could find more families

  • Their lifestyles and values

Using their MarketLED School, MTM were able to provide specific data, including finding “lookalike” families from which Felsted could target their campaigns and base their future strategy around.

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We asked MTM to conduct a postcode analysis in order for us to understand our regional marketplace better. This included an analysis of our current, former and prospective parents. MTM were able to analyse data from our different databases and overlay this with information gained from their own research into the independent sector and their own mosaic consumer database. Our data was then analysed according to the location of our competitor schools to understand how well we were penetrating our market. Whilst we had a ‘gut feel’ as to what to expect, the results confirmed our thoughts and gave us the detailed market research we needed to convince senior management and governors to invest in launching several targeted marketing campaigns. We were able to use direct mail and outdoor advertising (using the postcodes provided) to specifically target markets where we had potential to penetrate further and so far, the results are encouraging.

Sophy Aitken, Head of Marketing, Felsted School