When undertaking any research, the focus should always be on the objectives. Why are you doing it? What do you NEED to know and what would be nice to know? At MTM we undertake all types of research for all types of schools. The most successful projects are usually those that have a clearly defined purpose and are carefully planned from the outset. As all our projects are bespoke to your requirements, we are able to focus research projects however you wish.

Knowing the objectives not only allows you to target the questioning appropriately, but also employ the correct method to meet them. If you have plenty of enquiries converting to visits, but then not converting to enrolment, research of feeder school head teachers or even current parents is unlikely to elicit the level of response, nor will it provide a suitable framework for questioning. Qualitative telephone interviews with those who have dropped out at this stage is more likely to provide the response required, particularly when undertaken by a third party – parents are much more candid in this situation. Another focus here could be direct quantitative research at or after the visit. Our real-time feedback surveys allow you to collect feedback immediately after open days with an option to alert you if there is anything extra visitors would like to know about.

Similarly, if you are looking to undertake a potentially sensitive project, some secondary data analysis would ensure that stakeholders do not need to be approached until there is as strong chance the project will proceed. If you are looking at other markets for example, undertaking a detailed analysis of the potential users of the new marketing, effectively a demand and supply analysis, will ensure your project is on a firm footing before it goes public.

At MTM, we have undertaken all types of research for all types of schools since 1984. Why not give us a call to see how we can help you achieve your goals.