Blogs are a great way to generate ideas, share information, and spark talking points. What’s more is that blogs have evolved, and you will now find top companies supporting their paid work through free blogs easily accessible through their website.

We have found five of the top school marketing blogs, which will give insight into how top companies can help enhance your marketing strategy, for free.

Cheney & Company

Cheney & Company “helps schools and colleges maximise the potential of their enrolment and development communications”. The blog is split into five categories “Fundamentals, Insights, Of Note and Musings”, which focus on topics such as “When you don’t have a Director of Communications”, “Who is in charge of your message”, and “What is a communications plan”.


CKD is a brand management company specialising in “Brand, Corporate communications, digital and moving content” and have worked in a variety of sectors including education. The company is fresh, up to date, and creates blog posts ranging from “Why is WordPress an excellent CMS for schools?”, “Education marketing strategy is a game of two halves”, and “5 simple steps for improving your school’s marketing”.

Cursive Content

Cursive Content’s mission statement is “here to help school marketers create and share stories your audience will love”. Cursive Content focuses on the teaching of school marketers through free handbooks, templates, and worksheets. Alongside these free downloadable, there are informative blogs specifically relating to school marketing.


Moz is predominately an SEO consulting company, focusing on marketing analytics, including keyword research, link building, site audits, and page optimisation. Alongside the “to-buy” packages they offer, there is a host of informative articles offering insights, and guides on SEO’s. With 371 pages of blog posts, there is a whole host to choose from, articles such as “5 lead generation ideas to help you increase your websites conversion rate”, “The Battle for Traffic: Organise SEO vs Social Media Marketing”, and “4 ways copywriting can boost your e-commerce conversion rates”, really stood out to us.


Finalsite is a web design company, specialising in SEO integration for Independent Schools, with team members previously working in the education sector, from Director of Admissions, to coaches and teachers. The blog has informative and practical posts such as “How can my school get more engagement on social media?”, “8 school emails to inspire your marketing and communications” and “Does your homepage answer these 5 questions”.

Have you come across any engaging blogs which have helped your school? Let us know!