We believe in the best education for everyone and our team share a number of core values. We are:

EXperts in the education sector and their market needs, we empower our clients with unique intelligence about their market, delivering insights that help them stand out from competitors and understand demand and supply trends in their market. Ultimately, we give our clients the market knowledge and support they need to recruit learners and the insight to make decisions about their future, ensuring their long-term success. And our expert strategic and marketing consultants can support with the execution too, enabling our clients to work alongside one cohesive team.

MTM are Experts

Passionate about what we do and passionate about the best education for all, we ensure that we have the knowledge of the latest industry trends and that our team has a continual enrichment and development plan.

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Enterprising – innovators in the education sector we believe #researchpowerseverything and our drive and ambition means that we are continually identifying new markets who would benefit from our products and expertise.

MTM are Enterprising

Reputable and results-driven – our reputation is everything. We are an established brand, delivering unrivalled first-class research. Everything we do delivers tangible results and information, which enables our clients to grow their market, realise future development plans and make key business decisions.

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Trusted – our clients trust us not only with their confidentiality, but to provide the highest standard of customer service. We take the time to understand each and every requirement in detail and create a bespoke proposal to fit that brief, ensuring the best possible outcome. Our knowledge and experience of the sector means that our clients trust our advice and expertise implicitly.

MTM are Trusted

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