Analysing your admissions data and performance is undoubtedly worthwhile – in fact, it’s essential – but the prospect of poring over spreadsheets for days on end makes it one of the least popular tasks on the to-do list. Having heard the groans of marketing and admissions staff across the land, we have developed the new MTM Admissions Dashboard, to make sure the process of tracking your admissions is more of a pleasure than a pain.

Everyone in our office loves a spreadsheet, but when it comes to presenting data in a way that it can be instantly understood, only a graph will do, and we really like those too.

There is no better way to see at a glance what those figures mean, compare them over time, spot trends and decide where you need to focus your energies to achieve your aims.

Admissions is of course about recruiting students who will benefit from the education and all the opportunities that being part of your community brings, but you can’t get away from the fact that at one level it’s a numbers game. How many students do you have on roll? In which year groups? So how many places are still available? This year? Next year? The year after that? And how does that compare with the position you were in five years ago?

These are all questions that need to be answered, but the answers change weekly, if not daily, or even hourly.

Keeping tabs on the school roll alone – not to mention the number of enquirers, prospectus requests, visitors, open day attendees and deposits paid for students to join in the future, as well as seeing the recruitment funnel and calculating conversion rates etc – is a big task, and one that needs to be done regularly to make sure you’re on course to keep your classes as close to capacity as possible.

You’ll also want to keep an eye on the efficiency of the recruitment process and highlight any weak points where families fail to convert from one stage to the next.

Spotting a leak in the pipeline means you have the chance to fix it.

MTM Admissions Dashboard is an online platform that helps you to do just that.

We’ve developed it after speaking to many registrars and heads of marketing and admissions who told us in no uncertain terms what a pain it is for them to analyse their admissions information, understand the messages within it and export it for reports and presentations in a way that is attractive and easy to read.


Instant big picture

The great thing about MTM Admissions Dashboard is that it gives you an instant overview of your admissions situation, whenever you need it.

The online platform draws on data from your existing admissions software (iSAMS, RSA, WCBS etc), analyses it and presents it as attractive infographics that show your current situation. You can then drill down into specific areas of information and show more detailed analysis and comparisons, all displayed as infographics that are easy on the eye and show you what you need to know at a glance.


Online platform

Your MTM Admissions Dashboard is online, so you can access it wherever you can access the internet and on whichever device you have to hand. This makes MTM Admissions Dashboard particularly useful if you work from home, or remotely from anywhere else.



MTM Admissions Dashboard works via an API, so it uses information from your MIS, but doesn’t store it, so there are no issues with security. You’ll have your own login and password, and the system is well protected.



MTM’s tech experts work with you to create your own MTM Admissions Dashboard. You choose the data to track and how you want to see it compared.

The infographics are customisable – you might want to use your brand colours, and any quirky year group names or houses, for example.


Print and export infographics

You can print your infographics to distribute to colleagues or export them as images to drop into your reports or presentations.



MTM Admissions Dashboard is offered on an annual subscription basis and costs from as little as £100 a month.


Infographics and analytics

The data you choose to keep track of is up to you, but the most-requested information is:

  • Enquiries by stage and month: See how many enquiries have been received, for which year groups, which start dates, and when the enquiry was received. Compare this with last month, last year or any year for which you have the data.
  • Conversion rates: Enquiry to visit, offer to acceptance – whichever stages of the process you want to track.
  • Year-on-year comparison: Look back to see if this year’s admissions performance is more or less successful than last year’s, or previous years’ – if so, what’s changed, what has been the impact and in which year groups?
  • Current availability of places: How many places are yet to be filled in each year group in this and future academic years?
  • Take-up of places over three years: See how many places have been accepted over a period of time.
  • Where enquirers live: Drill down into the home locations of enquirers and consider your marketing spend and efforts in those areas.
  • Enquirers’ lifestyle groups: Using MTM’s ‘Streets’ classifications, you can see the types of families that are enquiring, useful information for marketing.
  • Prospectus requesters: How many families have requested a prospectus, what age are their children and when are they looking to join?
  • Methods of communication: How enquirers chose to get in touch
  • Open day attendees: Segment your open day attendees by the age of their children, when they are looking to join, where they live and any other information that is of use to you
  • Enquiries to follow up: See instantly the families that have been in touch but are yet to be contacted again
  • Any other data: MTM Admissions Dashboard is customisable – if you record the data then it can be shown on your MTM Admissions Dashboard and compared in whichever ways are most useful.


MTM Admissions Dashboard shows enquiries by stage and month, conversion rates, year-on-year comparison, current availability of places, take-up of places over three years, where enquirers live, enquirers’ lifestyle groups, prospectus requesters, methods of communication, open day attendees, enquiries to follow up


To find out how MTM Admissions Dashboard can be tailored to suit your organisation, improve your admissions analysis and save you time, please visit the MTM Admissions Dashboard webpage, or chat to the friendly MTM team – email Daniel Cohen or call him on 01502 722787.