This is the place to find video explainers of MTM products and on-screen discussion of market research and best practice for the business of education.

The way ahead…

When you’re driving your school forward it can sometimes be difficult to see the way ahead… but MTM is here to give you a boost!

MTM 3-60

Here’s MTM’s MD James Leggett to give you a tour of MTM 3-60, our in-depth data research project that shows you your organisation’s position in the market and population projections as well as providing full catchment and roll trends analysis so you know where to target your marketing and recruitment activities next. It’s the view from the mountain top!

To find out more about MTM 3-60, just chat to the friendly MTM team.

MTM Supergroups

Understanding your market and the people who live there is crucial to knowing how best to communicate with them. Here’s MTM’s MD James Leggett to explain MTM’s Supergroup system of audience segmentation – we analyse the families who live in your school’s catchment area and provide you with a profile based on their assumed financial situation, but also the newspapers and magazines they read and the types of houses they live in. Fascinating stuff!

To find out more about MTM’s market research and how it can provide your school with the information you need to make the right decisions moving forward, just chat to the friendly MTM team.

MTM Admissions Dashboard

Here’s James Leggett, MTM’s MD, to show you around MTM Admissions Dashboard, the online tool that helps you to analyse and track your school’s admissions data and create infographics for reports and presentations at a click of a mouse!

To find out more about MTM Admissions Dashboard and how it can help you to stay on top of your school’s admissions pipeline, just chat to the friendly MTM team.

Advantage – school admissions data management and analysis

Expert data analysts MTM Consulting + independent school data management professionals RSAdmissions = Advantage, the complete system for day-to-day school admissions data management but with the addition of a sharp analysis tool that helps you to drill down into the data and keep prospective families moving through your admissions pipeline.

To find out how to get the admissions Advantage for your school, just chat to the friendly MTM team.