• Demand and supply analysis
  • Market and catchment intelligence

The MTM 3-60 data and insights to help increase pupil admissions:

  • Position in relation to competitors
  • Strength of competition
  • Location of current market
  • Additional areas for recruitment
  • Future market changes

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MTM 3-60 gives you the view from the mountain top! It shows you the situation your school (or school group, or higher education provider) is in right now, and gives you a clear perspective on where to find success in the future.

MTM 3-60 is a thorough demand and supply analysis. By interrogating and analysing the extensive UK-wide demographic data we hold, we are able to provide the essential market and catchment intelligence that will allow your organisation to focus its recruitment efforts in areas most likely to yield results.

Not only will the results of this in-depth research project tell you where your school is positioned in relation to its competitors, it will assess the strength of the competition. It will identify your school’s current market and also reveal any areas where families matching your target profile live but which are currently being under-exploited for recruitment.

We also analyse the population data to give advance notice of future market changes, allowing you to prepare for the likely fluctuation in pupil numbers and to make the most of new opportunities

The findings of MTM 3-60 provide a solid factual basis on which to make important economic decisions about facilities development and also where to focus marketing activities in order to maximise pupil recruitment in the future.

What MTM’s client schools say…

‘I have engaged MTM in all four schools I have worked in, and will continue to do so!

The knowledge the MTM team has is great and they are very reliable and flexible with help and information needed. I do love the competitor analysis as well as the information on the different audiences and what their preferences are, where they live, where they shop etc – it’s all so useful when determining admissions and marketing requirements. If you can justify why you are spending money because you have real research to fall back on, it’s reassuring for the leadership and the marketing team. It provides intelligence to reassure key stakeholders.’

Lucy Barnwell, Director of Development and Marketing, Manchester High School for Girls

Read about Manchester Grammar School’s MTM 3-60 project here

Get a clear view of your school’s current position and where to recruit the pupils of the future with MTM 3-60.

MTM 3-60 is a thorough in-depth demand and supply analysis. The resulting market intelligence gives you the confidence to make the right decisions on your marketing activities – to focus your time, resources and budget on areas that are most likely to result in increased pupil recruitment and retention for your school. It is also extremely useful for considering the future shape of your school before embarking on costly facilities development.

MTM 3-60 shows:

Locations of current pupils: when you know where your current pupils live, you can consider increasing communication in these areas, planning bus routes etc to retain the students you have but also recruit more like them.

Rush hour travel times: how far students of different ages are prepared to travel to school, therefore defining your catchment area and making sure you don’t waste resources on marketing in areas that are just too far away for families to consider your school.

Lifestyles of families: understanding the profile of your current families’ lifestyles gives you an insight into what is important to them and how they like to be communicated with – all important when you want to connect with them and show them how your school could suit their children.

Market size: knowing how many potential future students there are, and where they live, can really help you to target your marketing on areas that are most likely to yield results in terms of recruitment, and to allocate the right resources and budget to your marketing and communications activities.

Market share: knowing your school’s current market share lets you know if there is scope to increase your admissions through recruiting more of the available market, or if the market is too saturated to expect any further recruitment.

Population projections: knowing how many potential future students there will be in the future helps you to plan ahead with your budgets and resourcing; it also helps the school understand if new facilities will be needed, or perhaps if there will be a contraction of the available market and the school will need to redouble its recruitment efforts or perhaps realistically scale down.

Locations of key competitors and headcounts: knowing where your main competitors are can inform your marketing activities and make sure your resources are being best used; knowing how many children of specific ages are currently attending your competitors can tell you how other schools’ rolls are faring and indicate any issues with their recruitment.

Locations of residential construction: knowing where new families will be moving into your catchment area in the near future gives you the opportunity to advertise and reach out to the new residents, perhaps via the property developer, and maybe plan to reconfigure your school bus routes to make sure that your school is easily accessible to the new neighbourhood.

Locations of education construction: knowing where new schools are soon to be constructed gives you the chance to decide where to focus your marketing efforts – will you need to up your game in the new school’s catchment area to avoid losing prospective pupils?

Bus routes: making sure your school buses earn their keep is crucial – running a bus through an area where getting to school is problematic gives you a great advantage over your competitors; similarly running a bus through an area where very few of your school’s current or prospective students live may well be a waste of money.

Findings overview: based on the evidence we have uncovered, we assess how well your school is performing in its market, and we suggest the steps your school could take to achieve greater success in future.

Deliverables: MTM 3-60 begins with an initial consultation with MTM’s researchers to determine your requirements and tailor the research to suit. At the conclusion of the project, the findings are compiled as a report including infographics, a thorough commentary and analysis, conclusions and recommended next steps. An in-person or virtual presentation of the findings is also offered.

To find out how MTM 3-60 can give you the information and intelligence your organisation needs, chat to the friendly MTM team – email Daniel Cohen or telephone 01502 722787.