Analyse your Marketing & Admissions with our Conversion Calculator

Analysing the success of our Marketing & Admissions activity is essential for any school and that means that means looking back to understand what worked and what didn’t, calculating conversion rates at each stage of the ‘buying cycle’, and highlighting priorities for improvement.

At MTM, we’ve made this process even easier for you – we’ve built a conversion calculator on our website – give it a try! This looks at the conversion at each stage of the ‘buying cycle’ from enquiries to visitors and ultimately joiners. Having worked with over 500 independent schools now, we’re even able to benchmark your results against the expected industry standard.

You’ll be able to extract conversion rates for your reports, identify your priority areas, and receive useful advice when it comes to addressing areas of underperformance.

Taking a moment to look at the bigger picture now and plan ahead will not only ensure you are prepared for what may lie ahead, but will also give you and your team confidence on the journey. Happy calculating!