MTM Market Report: The Impact of COVID 19 on Parental Perceptions of Independent Schools

The experience of home learning with their children during the period of lockdown in the summer term 2020 has prompted affluent parents of state school pupils to consider moving them to independent schools, MTM’s new survey finds.

But why do they feel independent education is worth paying for and what do they expect from fee-charging schools? And how confident do parents already paying fees feel about continuing to find the money for independent education? The findings of our survey are essential reading for school leaders and marketers, and parental perceptions should be taken into account in strategic admissions planning.

Read MTM’s report ‘The Impact of COVID 19 on Parental Perceptions of Independent Schools’ in full, FREE OF CHARGE…

In June 2020 MTM surveyed 528 UK families with household incomes of £60k+ and whose children were aged 2-18 to find out how they felt about the home learning their children’s school had provided during lockdown, and to ask what impact this had had on their attitude to paying fees for independent education.

By carrying out this survey and offering the report free of charge, MTM is keen to support schools – and parents – in these unusual times.

Please download the full survey report, free of charge!

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MTM survey June 2020 ‘The impact of COVID-19 on parental perceptions of fee-charging education, July 2020’ Lockdown

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