We recently held a 3-day strategy meeting at the new MTM offices. Whilst initially I was reticent about the length of the meeting, we’ve now come out of the other side and I can wholeheartedly recommend it!

Many of you will know we offer our market research and marketing services, and specifically our unique Market and Catchment intelligence product to independent schools and we believe we are successful within that market. However we are now (or were) in the process of looking at what other markets might also benefit from our expertise, and planning our growth strategy.

Whilst we’ve played around with ideas now for a couple of years, we’ve been so busy in the here and now, that we’ve failed to plan for our future growth.
As a market research company, I’m sure you’ve guessed we started with research. Our team put together a list of 3 experts, one from each of the sectors we were considering over the course of the 3 days. We presented our offering to each one and asked how beneficial they thought it could be in their sector. And we spent time understanding the size of each market, the people we’d be talking to, how their market is fairing, along with their key objectives and hot topics within their industry.

The response was overwhelming and it is abundantly clear, there is real growth potential for us in all of the markets we examined. Our aim, by the end of the week was to decide where we go next with a plan for the next 5 years. As a small team, we knew we couldn’t tackle all new markets at the same time and we needed focus. On the last day we all labelled our preferred route, in priority order and having decided our future, this week we hit the ground running with the execution of that plan.

One thing that was very easy to agree on was the question of ‘why we do what we do’. The answer:
We want to ensure the BEST educational outcome for all.

If you’re on the same page and would like help with your future strategy, contact us.