Hazelwood School, who educate around 600 1 -13 year olds in Surrey had been successfully growing their pupil numbers over a number of years. However, aware that birth rates had potentially peaked, the governors and senior leaders were keen to determine whether they could sustain their three-form entry at Reception level in the short to medium term. The school also wanted to understand their local competitive environment, in order to future-proof their admissions strategy in line with what was happening in the local market.

We proposed using our unique Market and Catchment Intelligence research tool to understand:

  • The types of families who used the school and where they travelled from
  • The types of families who used the school in the past
  • The levels of market penetration the school had
  • How the market was likely to change in the future
  • How numbers in key independent competitor schools had changed since 2010

This would provide a detailed overview of the current market place, with the data and evidence base required for their strategic decision making. Our illustrated report included:

  • Locations of current pupils mapped over rush-hour drive time contours, providing an indication of distances families were prepared to travel
  • Identification of realistic catchment areas for targeting recruitment activities
  • Comparisons of travel times and lifestyles of families from five years ago and ten years ago, including current recruitment
  • The dominant lifestyle groups of current and previous buyers, and each neighbourhood in catchment using our easy-to-use categorisation
  • Market size for recruitment within each neighbourhood (c140 households) and postcode sector (c2000 households) within respective catchment areas
  • Market share of all target pupils in the catchments
  • Potential pupil numbers at Postcode Sector level
  • Competitor analysis of roll trends since 2010

This provided the school with an objective Demand & Supply analysis, with projections covering the next ten years.

“The research MTM provided was incredibly insightful. They not only presented the information in a very professional manner, they also informed our future strategic direction, giving us optimism about current population numbers and future trends. We decided to maintain our three-form entry and our Reception intake has been healthy as a result. MTM also identified other markets with potential for us to develop a presence in and the information provided has also helped us to strengthen the brand positioning and marketing strategy.”

Nick Tappin, Bursar & Director of Admissions, Hazelwood School