MTM can help owners and managers of Early Years settings to ensure the continued success of their provision by uncovering the facts about the local market and the wants and needs of current and potential future customers.

Early Years settings rely on a frequent turnover of pupils, so ensuring that your offer meets the expectations of parents and that there are sufficient numbers of potential pupils in your catchment area are essential to continued success.

If you’re considering buying or launching one or more new nursery settings, MTM can provide the market intelligence you need to ensure you make the right decisions. From assessing the current level and type of demand in the local market to looking ahead to future population and demographic changes, the information MTM offers will help you to invest wisely and shape your new setting to meet the expectations of the parents.

For those already running an Early Years setting, we offer thorough third-party qualitative research to find out what parents currently using your setting think of the provision you offer, and what would encourage them to use it more, or recommend it to their friends. We also gain valuable insight by speaking to parents who considered your setting but did not eventually choose it for their children, and to ascertain why they chose a different provider.

MTM is experienced in providing market research and strategic advice to the operators of Early Years chains and standalone settings to provide them with the information and evidence they need to continue to offer a first step into education for pre-school aged children for many years to come.

For more information on any of our Early Years projects, please email Daniel Cohen, MTM’s Head of Business Development, or call Daniel on 07976 029430


The view from the mountain top – all the information you need to fully understand your higher education provider’s position in the market and to identify the best opportunities for future recruitment.

MTM 3-60 is a complete demand and supply analysis, showing where your university or college sits in relation to its competitors and how strong that competition is, as well as identifying under-accessed pockets for student recruitment, giving insights into how the student market could change in future, and recommendations on how your provider could capitalise.

  • Market position, full catchment analysis, roll trends analysis, population projection
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The essential market intelligence you need before buying or launching a new setting. 

MTM Nursery Feasibility Study provides potential investors and owners with the information needed to make decisions on future purchase or launch of individual or multiple Early Years settings. Our first step is to research the market to ensure that the there is a demand within a reasonable catchment area for the proposed setting you are proposing. Our researchers then drill down into the costs and calculate the potential return on investment. We can also assess how the new setting will strengthen an existing chain in the face of its competition.

  • Demand and supply analysis
  • Future market projections
  • Perceptions survey
  • Return on investment calculation
  • Recommendations and next steps
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MTM parent satisfaction survey

How satisfied with your setting are the parents whose children currently attend? What is your setting doing well, and not so well? How can you improve?

Through an online survey or targeted telephone interviews, our experienced researchers understand which aspects of your setting current parents (all, or segments, by child’s age or gender, for example) are pleased with, and which aspects they would like to see improved.

  • Survey of current parents
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Why did some families consider your setting but their children did not join? Why did they go elsewhere, and which alternative setting did they choose? 

You provide the list of parents’ contacts and we do the rest, resulting in a report that uncovers the reasons parents who considered your setting for their child did not eventually choose it.

During a 10- to 15-minute informal conversation, our researchers find out which setting parents chose instead, why they considered your setting, what they were looking for, and any push/pull factors that were instrumental in the decision-making process.

  • Telephone interviews with families who did not choose your organisation
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What are your prospective parents’ first impressions of your setting? How does your admissions process compare to your competitors’? 

One of our mystery shoppers will visit ‘under-cover’ to give an impartial report and insights on the experience of enquiring at your setting and visiting for the first time.

  • Customer experience research
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What MTM’s client schools say…

‘We had considered opening a pre-school, but the data received from MTM was compelling. The MTM team were knowledgeable, professional and very helpful throughout the process. They met all our deadlines, were happy to attend meetings with governors and their report was clear and comprehensive, so I would definitely recommend MTM to any school considering making an important decision of this nature.’ 

Glen Jones, Bursar, The Mall School

Read about The Mall School’s MTM project here

Don’t see the early years research project you’re looking for? MTM will be happy to provide a bespoke project just for you.

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