Keeping in touch with your school or college’s alumni has numerous benefits – for current and future pupils, as well as for the past pupils themselves. 

Many past pupils are delighted to maintain a connection to their old school, and to be able to continue to make a positive difference. Keeping up with old classmates, visiting school buildings that hold so many memories and chatting to former teachers are all very enriching experiences for alumni and much-anticipated.

And they are also often very happy to offer their time to help current pupils to get as much out of school as possible, whether offering to give careers or university talks, to act as mentors, to offer opportunities for work experience or just a friendly face or an ear in a new environment.

Many are extremely willing to support school charity fundraising initiatives and also to contribute to capital projects that will enhance the education of the pupils who follow in their footsteps. Schools’ development and professional fundraising is now well established in many schools and provides a way for alumni (as well as current families and other members of the school community) to make a financial contribution to the school, either in the form of a donation towards a capital project (new facilities or broadened educational opportunities), or to support scholarships and bursaries.

MTM is able to help you grow your organisation’s alumni network and encourage and support engagement. Our data research and surveys give a real insight into the opportunities for you to reach out to past pupils, while our feasibility studies help you to decide which new ventures will bring most benefit to the school and its current pupils, and how your alumni could be offered the opportunity to help bring them to fruition.

Examples of MTM’s support for alumni, development and fundraising are below, but all of MTM’s products and services are totally bespoke, so please do get in touch with the friendly MTM team to discuss your particular project.

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How do you encourage school-leavers to join your alumni organisation? What kinds of events would they like to take part in, and where?

Our experienced researchers get in touch with recent leavers to find out how they would like to continue to play a role in their school’s community well into the future. We also make sure contact details are up-to-date and find out how alumni would prefer to communicate with their old school.

  • Perceptions surveys
  • Database updating through targeted surveys
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Would you like to attract more past pupils to take part in alumni and fundraising events?

Our experienced MTM Alumni Engagement Survey researchers chat to your school’s past students to find out what would encourage them to stay in touch with their old school and the kind of events they would be most keen to attend, and where. They are asked about their most fondly remembered school traditions, activities, events and even members of staff to give you the information you need to arrange events that are more likely to be well attended by key people in the right locations. We also help you to keep in contact with alumni by asking them to update their contact details via our own third-party platform.

  • Perceptions surveys
  • Database updating through targeted surveys
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Which of your school’s stakeholders are most likely to be in a position to make a donation to your capital project? 

Traditional tools only detail the most affluent within your alumni set, but what if you could profile all your stakeholders? MTM Fundraising Intelligence provides school development professionals and fundraisers with the information they need to focus their requests for giving on the people most likely to be receptive, helping you to meet your fundraising targets and get your capital project off the ground. Research may consider current and past parents, staff and members of the school community, in addition alumni.

  • Socio-economic analysis of all families
  • Mapping and travel time analysis
  • Perceptions surveys
  • Database updating through targeted surveys
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Which new facilities will bring the most benefit for your school, its students, staff and other stakeholders?

MTM Feasibility Study provides school leaders and development professionals with the information needed to make decisions on future expansion of the school and identify suitable capital projects. Our first step is to research the market to ensure that the development you are considering would be considered a benefit by your students, staff, current and prospective parents and other stakeholders. Once a demand has been established, our researchers drill down into the costs and calculate the potential return on investment in terms of income, but also in the potential for increased admissions and enhanced reputation. We can also assess how the new development will strengthen your school in the face of its competition. An MTM Feasibility Study is essential before planning a new sports hall, theatre, or other academic facility, or adding or expanding a nursery, prep school, senior school or sixth form.

  • Demand and supply analysis
  • Future market projections
  • Perceptions survey
  • Return on investment calculation
  • Assessment of the impact on positioning
  • Recommendations and next steps
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