Advantage + School admissions data management +sharp analysis

Advantage: Reliable day-to-day management of admissions data:

  • Download prospective enquiries, registrations and open days from your website
  • Enter find and amend enquiries with all the information on one screen
  • Add and report on events and visits including the ability to invite and change the status for visitors on mass
  • Use Microsoft or Google calendar to automatically prompt follow ups
  • Use a hyperlink to link individual enquiries to any documents on your system
  • Run reports, listings and statistical information at the touch of a button
  • Export all reports and listings to Excel, word or Google sheets
  • Create additional reports in Excel, word or Google
  • Enter and report on feeder schools and record contact
  • Enter and report on agents and record contact with agents
  • Manage the complete entrance exam process
  • Design, create and store any number of letters, reports and forms using Microsoft mail merge or Google mail
  • Design create and store any number of email mail merge documents both personalized and non-personalized using Microsoft or Google mail
  • Export joining pupils to all current school MIS systems

Focused analysis of admissions performance:

  • Online tool so available anywhere, anytime
  • Totally secure
  • Instant presentation of data
  • Exportable infographics for reports and presentations
  • Customisable

Generate infographics showing:

  • Enquiries by stage and month
  • Conversion rates
  • Year-on-year comparison
  • Take-up of places over three years
  • Where enquirers live
  • Enquirers’ lifestyle groups
  • Prospectus requesters
  • Methods of communication
  • Open day attendees
  • Enquiries to follow up
  • Sources of enquiry
  • Feeder school and agent conversions

To find out more about Advantage, please chat to the friendly MTM team.

Advantage is the complete system for school admissions data management + sharp analysis. It gives you the big picture – allowing you to easily log admissions information day-to-day and then analyse it for an instant overview of the admissions pipeline and the opportunity to convert more enquiries to acceptance, and boost your school’s recruitment.

Advantage is devised by independent school data management professionals RSAdmissions in partnership with expert data analysts MTM Consulting – the result is a unique system, which works seamlessly to manage and analyse independent schools’ admissions data in a way that has never been done before.

RSAdmissions’ powerful management information system is an easy way to successfully record and manage day-to-day admissions information. This data is then securely pulled through via an API to MTM Admissions Dashboard, a versatile online analysis tool that demonstrates the current admissions situation, conversion rates and any other comparisons required using attractive infographics, which can then be exported for reports and presentations. This analysis allows you to maximise opportunities to progress the admissions pipeline, convert more enquiries to acceptances, and increase pupil recruitment.

Reliable day-to-day management of admissions data – RSAdmissions is the only admissions and marketing database for independent schools that is designed and supported by people who have ‘done the job’. An established, versatile and trusted admissions management information system, RSAdmissions is:

  • easy to use
  • flexible
  • and uses everyday technology for letters and reporting, enabling you to keep on top of the day-to-day administration of admissions.

Focused analysis of admissions performance MTM Admissions Dashboard is a new and unique online data analysis tool that gives an instant overview of your school’s admissions performance – however, whenever and wherever you want it. At the click of a button, MTM Admissions Dashboard shows you the current admissions situation at a glance, including:

  • prospective families at all stages of their admissions journey
  • conversion rates, trends and comparisons
  • customised analysis that is most useful to you

You can also generate attractive and clear infographics in seconds to use in reports and presentations.

Advantage is the complete admissions data management and analysis system that independent schools can’t afford to be without!